Saturday, March 7, 2015


This is a sad post. And probably my last. My wife had caught me. I dressed Tuesday afternoon and made up my face. Apparently my make up remover failed me because when she got home she asked me why it looked like I had slight black eyes. I got all flustered and tried to brush it off but she became suspicious. Whrn I left to get pizza she evidently searched the house for my stash and found it in my spot behind our bedroom wall.

She called me, furious. She texted me and told me our marriage is over. She told me to leave the pizza at the door and never come home again. I called her again and tried to explain but she was sobbing at this point. It was so painful, what I did to her. When I got home she let me come in. We eventually talked and she asked me the usual questions. Are you gay? Are you like Bruce Jenner? I could only deny. It was my only hope.

Later that night when our little one fell asleep she made me drive 3 towns away to dump my stash. I cried the whole way there before finding the right dumpster. I spent 2 nights on the couch, wondering if my beautiful marriage was over. We talked again and agreed she needed space, but that she still loved me and didn't want to be with anyone else. That was Thursday. We still haven't touched since her discovery and its killing me. But I understand I'm not her favorite person right now. So this is likely the end of my lovely crossdressing overtures and what a run its been.

Unfortuately gettig caught is nothing like you see in the captions or cartoo s or in the erotica. In this case its an awful, gut wrenching experience ending in sadness all the way around.

Goodbye all.

Sissy Katelyn

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Having a girlie day!

Pink dress, 3 inch heels, pretty pink nail polish and 8"  inches of something else. Can you guess?

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Fair warning, this post will probably go pretty deep. I'm not even sure if frustration is the right word to describe how I feel right now. There's only a few things I know for sure, the first being that I am a grade A sissy. I long to be locked in chastity and dressed up in frivolous feminine finery. I also know that it'll never happen. Sissies who are 6'2" and 300 lbs don't make for useful sissies. Honestly though this post has little to do with my appearance, I could diet and wear enough makeup to pull something off within my satisfaction.

I'm mostly disappointed with my life. I am married to an amazing, beautiful, smart and ambitious woman. I love her with all my heart but there's an issue. She doesn't get me. She doesn't share any interests that I do and she thinks the things I do enjoy are stupid. She's known about my crossdressing desires for some time. Back in college she said she thought it was weird. She said she wanted "a man, not a girlfriend to walk down the street with clacking our heels on the pavement." So I became that man, at least outwardly. I even avoided dressing for 10 years. However, my desires remained. She caught me reading CD erotica at and fictionmania and eventually I've become adept at covering my digital tracks. When she caught me the last time she had a long string of tearful questions on whether I was gay. I wasn't and I loved her. I couldn't explain to her then what I know now. I couldn't explain that I wasn't checking that girl in the skirt out, I was imagining what her skirt would feel swirling around my shaved legs.

Over time I've learned about my own self. I never stopped reading CD erotica, and eventually graduated to captions and other content here on blogger. Especially from the wonderful and amazing Leanne and of course the lovely Saragirl. Don't forget Annamalice, OMG. Thinking back on my wife's questions that night, it's funny. I haven't looked at straight porn in probably 5 years. Maybe I am gay, though we have a decent enough sex life. I've never contemplated seeking male companionship because I don't want to be a man with another man, I want to be the girl.

I recently broached the topic of chastity with my wife, but she just thought I was into BDSM. It was pretty frustrating. So maybe frustration is the right word after all.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Sissy Choices

I finally got sick of the way I was living my life.  Maybe I didn't want anyone to know about my sissy tendencies, so I let myself go.  Well that ends today.  Today I stop chewing my fingernails (I bought clear polish at Target, I'm such a girl).  Today I trim my body hair (should I make my bush a heart shape or is that going to far?).  Today i plucked my eyebrows (they were way out of control).  Tomorrow I buy an exercise bike and hopefully by next year I will have a trim feminine body.

Oh the choices we make, today was big one for me.